Her hand rests firmly on the pulse of effective social media marketing.”  Generates unique ideas for social media engagement. Educates key stakeholders on new trends and consumer networking behaviors.  Plans and manages execution on all digital and social media channels.  Develops trending and taste making strategies, tactics, and content to drive traffic to channels and sites.  Interested in ideas related to free market enterprise, branding, and consumer relational interfaces.  A creative problem solver willing to look at emerging online audiences and able to manage large online campaigns with big budgets, high profiles, and a lot of moving parts.  Pioneers, develops, and executes targeted market strategies, including opportunity identification, competitive intelligence, media management, and projected goal setting.  Participates in key dialogues in the micro and macro world technology application.  Understands cultural psychology and mindset.


She can’t get enough of art and everything visually creative.”  An exceptional idea person and an effective campaign manager.  A one-woman creative think-tank.  Art shows, art fairs, artist representative, special events, gallery and art organization management, exhibition strategies and planning.  Planning, scheduling, juroring, cultivation, collection, and curation.  If it has the words faith, art or culture in it, she’s there.  A creative, intuitive risk-taker who thrives on emerging ideas and challenges.


Writing should be her middle name.”  Designs, writes, and edits written materials from concept to production.  Posts content across online channels.  Outstanding communication skills, especially for the web and white papers.  A solid understanding of the fundamentals of marketing and consumer engagement.  Naturally agile and comfortable in fast-changing environments.  Builds personality brands.  Enthusiastic reader.


And then there’s all that analytical research.”  Lives and breathes qualitative and quantitative trends and applications.  Understands theories of analysis.  Monitors and measures with strong attention to detail.  A strategic thinker with the ability to conceptualize how online communications can best achieve overall objectives.  Defines key features and value propositions, primary target audiences, key marketing channels, tactics and success measures.  Leads marketing operations and strategies, including online and offline positioning, inbound/outbound and budgets.  Likes to learn.


It hasn’t all been roses – she’s scraped her knuckles a few times.”  U.S.  Navy Military Veteran in Air Traffic Control and Data Programming, 15+ years Federal Government Career Civil Service in Management & Program Analysis, 2+ years State Government business operations, and private commercial enterprise experience.  She’s helped women, Hispanics, disabled and the unemployed find suitable work.  She’s measured pipelines in the hometown of the Secretary of Transportation for risk impact analysis.  She’s redacted documents to protect the innocent.  Considers others’ counsel, conducts independent research, and operates with a nod toward seizing the day.  Has an identifiable, unique voice in propelling thought forward.  Non-conventional within conventional frameworks.  Rogue warrior without weapons.  Loves life, trusts God.


A powerful and savvy technology relationship collaborator.”  Proficient in modern technologies and social media platforms.  Meets meaningful goals for online communications.  Reviews new social media tools, trends, and recommends participation.  Adaptable – grows with technology.  Early proponent and advocate of first amendment rights regarding new technology expressions and thought center/think tanks in technology literacy.  Utilizes analytics and related social media measurement tools.  Collaborates with various teams on highly visible and exciting new crowd sourcing spaces.  Excels in messaging, brand development, PR, and corporate communications.  A true innovator, discoverer, and explorer.