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Shauna Lee Lange is a multi-disciplinary futurist, writer, artist, and researcher. Her exploration and inquiry centers on the question of what is sacred in art, science & tech, culture & faith, and how the meaning of sacred is an ever-changing landscape. Lange is a frequent writer and contributor to industry and academic journals focused on the intersections of art, theology, and more. Her writings and artwork have recently appeared in Christians in the Visual Arts; Faith and Form: The Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture; SEEN; the Boca Beacon, and Edge of Faith Magazine.  She has been featured in Roughhewn People; World Net Daily; Cloth Paper Scissors; and Somerset Studio Gallery, to name a few.  She is a also a regular contributor to AIA’s Interfaith Design Knowledge Community.

For rates and further information, please contact us at 941.875.5190 or  You can also find me on Twitter @shaunaleelange oInstagram @sacredlange, and on Facebook at Shauna Lee Lange  If you’d like to learn more about Shauna Lee Lange, check our Linkedin profile. Sacrosanct Gallery exhibits Sacred Art in Contemporary America.

In addition to her writing and research, Lange works to place contemporary art in traditional and non-traditional sacred spaces for creative placemaking and community development.  She curates for Sacrosanct Gallery: Sacred Art in Contemporary America. She is also the founder of a large, interconnected global network of over 20,000 art literati and accomplished professionals. Lange has been a guest speaker at conferences and galleries and regularly participates in academic and industry symposia in the field, including Explore Mars/NASA’s Humans to Mars Summit (2018); and Architecture and Culture Spirituality Forum (2017).  She is currently writing a children’s book of poetry involving nature immersion, art, and the sacred.

Shauna Lee Lange’s writing services include pre-publication and hybrid publishing for writers. With more than 20+ years editing experience, critique, proofreading, copyediting (including fact-checking), and line and substantive editing, she can help you move your project along. Ebook formatting and copywriting for eye-catching cover and catalog copy are also available. Add a supremely talented artist who can create everything from cover art to book trailers, and you’ve found just the place to turn your manuscript into a book you can be proud of.

Lange has taught and consulted in studio art at various community arts programs for over 20 years and has also developed unique art advisory practices designed to help artists develop niche markets and highly-recognizable brands.  She holds a studio in the greater metropolitan Hartford, CT area and continues to execute her series on pointillism about interdependencies and interconnectedness.  Lange presently serves on the Arts and Culture Commission in East Hampton, CT (2019) and also leads an on-going Writers Guild for area established and aspiring writers.  She was formerly a regulatory & legislative analytics writer for many years with the U.S. Federal Civil Service.

If you want to connect to a larger world of global art pros, our no fee integrated network group is waiting to give you a hug at Lange: Creative Art Consultants International. Lange’s large-scale public installation art projects include: United States Everglades National Parks; Arlington, VA Business Improvement District; and Washington DC’s Nationals Ballpark.